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Abakwaa is an African Label which delivers high quality and unique garments, involving shape and trimming to revolutionise the way people should look/ present themselves. Clothing convey status. For most people, fashion is the most important word and part of our life, the way of living in a fast changing world. Fashion changes fast and affects people’s life accordingly. With Abakwaa you are permanently on the train of fashion.

Abakwaa’s design concept is inspired by African clothing and set out to rejuvenate African fashion famed for its usage of bright colours and the great variety of colours and styles.

Abakwaa which hitherto was famous mostly in Cameroon now exploits new frontiers internationally to show case on the world stage. We now fuse/ integrate African styles with modern techniques to realise a fashion trend that competes on the world stage (internationally acclaimed fashion trends).

We research current fashion trends and make predictions of future trends before we create women’s, men’s and children’s apparel. Abakwaa also creates custom designs for individual clients at moderate prices.

We work hands in glove with fabric manufacturers to ensure that international standards/ethics and labour laws are respected.

Join and stay on the train of fashion by constantly visiting our homepage to get the latest trend on a label which delivers high quality and unique garments at affordable prices.


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